Welcome to Oakleigh Golf Course


Bordering the picturesque Scotchmans Creek, Oakleigh Golf Course is a FUN 9 hole public golf course suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Oakleigh Golf Course also features three practice nets, a practice putting green, social club room, BBQ facilities as well as a Pro shop stocked with all the major brands.

Golf Course
An enjoyable 9 hole golf course featuring a great mix of challanges over the front 9 and back 9.
Enjoy our fantastic facilities 7 days a week with casual visits, multi passes and memberships available, find out more
Pro Shop
The Pro Shop stocks a full range of equipment, boasting major brands – everything you need
9 Hole Golf Course

Enjoy Oakleigh’s beautiful, 9 hole suburban course

Hole Men’s Ladies Blue Red
1st Hole Par 4 Par 4 321m 321m
2nd Hole Par 3 Par 3 107m 107m
3rd Hole Par 3 Par 3 110m 110m
4th Hole Par 3 Par 3 111m 111m
5th Hole Par 3 Par 3 97m 97m
6th Hole Par 4 Par 4 246m 246m
7th Hole Par 3 Par 3 140m 140m
8th Hole Par 3 Par 3 130m 130m
9th Hole Par 3 Par 3 174m 174m
Front 9 Par 29 Par 29 1436m 1436m

1st Hole

A tight, double dogleg par 4 with Scotchmans Creek on the right hand side. Second shot into a big green. A great opening hole, although it’s tight on the right hand side with the creek following the hole for the full length. Watch where markers are set up as they are often facing the creek. Tee up on the right hand side of the tee and aim towards left hand side of the fairway to keep away from the creek. A driver is not the only option here. Tight second shot, lay up short if necessary.

Distance Par
Mens 321m Par 4
Ladies 321m Par 4

2nd Hole

An 8–9 iron par 3 into a large elevated green. A straightforward par 3. Big green, although it is elevated. Better being short than long over the back. Club selection is vital.

Distance Par
Mens 107m Par 3
Ladies 107m Par 3

3rd Hole

A mid iron into a very tough green with protection on both sides. Uphill to a long, very tricky green. A bunker on the left hand side and a big fall away on the right hand side. Hit one more club than you think. The green breaks more than you expect – it swings towards the creek. The uphill putt is good value.

Distance Par
Mens 110m Par 3
Ladies 110m Par 3

4th Hole

A short iron into very difficult green, trouble right and long. A big tree on the left makes this a difficult approach shot.
A very fast green with tricky slopes. Tee up on the right hand side and aim for the left hand side.

Distance Par
Mens 111m Par 3
Ladies 11m Par 3

5th Hole

A short iron into a small very tricky green. Aim left as there is trouble to the right of the green. Aim for the left hand side of the green with your tee shot and work the slope. A very fast green. To miss the right hand side is a very tricky chip shot.

Distance Par
Mens 97m Par 3
Ladies 97m Par 3

6th Hole

A short but very tight par 4. Low to mid iron for the second shot into a fast green with hidden breaks. Back to normality with a short par 4. A fast, sloping, narrow fairway with water on the left hand side. 3 wood or long iron off the tee is your best bet.
A sloping, fast green. Leave the ball under the hole with your approach shot.

Distance Par
Mens 246m Par 4
Ladies 246m Par 4

7th Hole

A mid to long iron into a large flat green. Big trouble left with Scotchmans Creek along the left tee to green. Playing into a big, reasonably flat green. A bunker is on right hand side. Water on the left all the way. Hit one more club than you think.

Distance Par
Mens 140m Par 3
Ladies 140m Par 3

8th Hole

One of the best holes on the course. Use a mid to long iron into a long narrow green with heavy bunker protection on the left. A nice par 3 with a big green. Great bunker on the left hand side. Pin placement here can change your club selection dramatically, by up to 3 clubs.

Distance Par
Mens 130m Par 3
Ladies 130m Par 3

9th Hole

A long finishing par 3 with a large green. Big trouble right with a gully that runs tee to green. Out of bounds and bunker left. A 4 is a good score. A tough finishing hole. A fairly long carry with a bunker on the left. Over the fence on the left hand side is out of bounds. A big fall on the right hand side with the creek.
Nice green.

Distance Par
Mens 174m Par 3
Ladies 174m Par 3